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Apply for Practising Certificate

Practising Certificate Application Form (Word Document)

The EACTP offers members the opportunity to obtain a practising certificate for the conduct of turnaround management practice. This includes work you do in person or indirectly, regardless of whether you call yourself a turnaround professional, or charge a fee. Members who have a practising certificate should continue to comply with the qualifying conditions through continuing professional development. While practicing certificates are not mandatory to practice in any European jurisdiction. They demonstrate compliance in continuous practice and professional development.

Certificates will be issued specific to one or a number of recognised jurisdictions, or as a Europe-wide certificate, which will require three case studies in three EU countries.

Please note, from January 2016 practising certificates will only be granted to Members and above.

Initial application

All applications must be made in writing using the appropriate form and be accompanied by an initial practising certificate application fee. Applicants can send their application for practising certificate together with their membership application.

Applications may only be made by associate and member applicants and must be accompanied by evidence of:

  • Practising in turnaround management and restructuring
  • Conducting continuing professional development

Any member who apples for a practising certificate more than four years from the initial application will have to demonstrate they have current experience through submitted cases.

On meeting the qualifying condition for the initial issue of a practising certificate, it will remain valid for a period of one year from the date of its original issue. It will need to be renewed every year.

Practising certificate renewal

You will be required to renew your practising certificate on an annual basis in writing by completing the appropriate form. In order to renew your practising certificate you must:

More information

If you need help or have any questions regarding your application or the EACTP please contact us.

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