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Cornee de Kluyver


Cornee de Kluyver (Professional - CTP)

mr. drs.










​Steupelstraat 50
3065 JE

Cornee studied Business Administration and Financial Law in Rotterdam before starting his own consultancy specializing in quality management. He then held a senior management position with a medium-sized company before joining Kruger as a consultant. Cornee became a partner in 2011. Over the past fifteen years he has advised clients in virtually every business sector.

"My day-to-day work includes advising on non-routine matters such as poor profitability, financing requirements, strategic reorientation and mergers. This demands a broad frame of reference, a good knowledge of business economics, a strong interest in entrepreneurship, a good network and the trust of all stakeholders. That is the added value of Kruger with its pragmatic and to-the-point culture. Reports are used exclusively to communicate with third parties. I have been with Kruger for eleven years and have helped expand our services and drive the steady growth of our firm. I am inquisitive by nature and am able to quickly identify the correlations between different issues, people, companies and their stakeholders. I have many permanent clients who recognize the added value of my approach. One topic in which I am particularly interested is Dutch employment termination law. It is extremely inflexible and the costs are far too high. I wrote my university thesis on the subject, with the title 'Economically sustainable reorganization'.

Why retain Kruger as your advisors? Because what is out of the ordinary for you is all in a day's work for us!"

Member of EACTP since 06 July 2018

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