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EACTP appoints new President

EACTP has appointed Jukka-Pekka Joensuu as its new President. Jukka-Pekka, known as J-P, who is already on the EACTP Executive Board, will start the new role in January 2016 succeeding Tyrone Courtman, who will have served as President for three years.

J-P, who said he was thrilled to be asked to become EACTP President, is Executive Vice President of Finnish-based Cinia group, and has many years of experience managing turnaround and business restructuring cases while holding senior positions in the Nordic telecoms and ICT industry. He is actively involved in turnaround issues at both Nordic and wider European level, and is a past President of TMA Finland. He is currently Vice President International for TMA Global.

He said: "I believe the EACTP has a vital role to play within the turnaround industry as an organisation that sets a hallmark of quality for highly-regarded professionals who are willing to grow their expertise and also willing to share their expertise. One of EACTP's real strengths is its pan-European nature - it's a true European network of people who are not only subject matter experts in their own area but also have significant cross border understanding of turnaround matters.

"In Finland we have for more than 10 years arranged local TMA courses covering financial matters, legal issues, corporate renewal, strategy and transformation in the curriculum. However, this is not enough in a world which is more complex and multi-faceted, and there is a genuine need to work across the borders. That's why we need EACTP!"

J-P said the priorities moving forward for EACTP were to implement a strong and reliable curriculum and exam throughout Europe, and to continue to work in each and every local chapter to find out the existing people who should be members of EACTP and to promote and develop the organisation.

Tyrone, who plans to remain involved with EACTP, said he was delighted J-P had been appointed, adding: "I know J-P will be a real driving force for EACTP as it continues to grow and develop. I think it's also great that someone from outside of the UK will be taking on the leadership of our association as we strive to promote more actively our comprehensive European ambition."

The EACTP has also appointed Fraser Pearce to its Executive Board.

Fraser, who is Head of Lending at Alteri Investors, is a highly experienced senior professional and operator with specialist knowledge in the manufacturing and retail/consumer products sectors, who has previously worked as a Senior Managing Director at a US-owned restructuring firm and a leveraged finance credit professional with a major UK bank in London.

Tyrone added: "Fraser brings with him a wealth of knowledge, experience and ideas, and is already proving a great asset to the board. We are delighted he has agreed to join us."

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