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EACTP extends its examination exemption period

Applicants to Europe's pioneering accreditation programme for turnaround professionals have an extra six months to apply without having to take examinations.

The European Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals (EACTP) had planned that in 2015 all applicants, in addition to having to demonstrate a strong turnaround record, as is currently the case, would also have to pass professional examinations in order to become certified.

However the EACTP has announced it is to defer the introduction of its examinations until 2016 and to extend its examination exemption period until 30 June, 2015.

Until then applicants can continue to apply for their certification by providing turnaround case studies and references in which they had substantial and significant influence. All applicants will also be interviewed by a member of the EACTP’s Standards and Admissions committee.

EACTP President Tyrone Courtman said: "We are working closely with TMA Global as our programme will be based on its highly respected and internationally recognised CTP standard, but targeted to our European audience. As part of our joint working with TMA Global our curriculum will be hosted and available via its new education platform being launched later in the year so we have adjusted our timetable slightly in order to co-ordinate with this.

"The good news is this gives potential applicants longer in which to apply to join EACTP without having to undergo the rigours of taking professional technical examinations."

The EACTP provides the only pan-European accreditation programme for all turnaround professionals across the continent. Its certification offers an independent industry standard of quality in the practice of turnaround and restructuring, and promotes the increasing significance of this specialised profession in today’s business environment. 

The EACTP has recently welcomed its 40th member, with membership now drawn from Eire, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

The prestigious Leiden Law School has agreed to partner the EACTP and is working closely with it to establish the curriculum, and will also act as a faculty in managing the examination process.

Mr Courtman added: "The globally-recognised CTP accreditation not only offers prospective clients an instantly recognisable assurance of turnaround experience but attests to a level of expertise that non-certified professionals may find difficult to prove.

"I would encourage potential applicants to take advantage of this extended window to earn their EACTP certification without the need for an exam, in order to gain this respected recognition of the attainment of high standards in the turnaround and restructuring profession."

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