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EACTP membership is one of the best promotional tools, says TMA Global CEO

If you are looking to promote yourself as a turnaround professional, there’s no better marketing tool than membership of the EACTP, according to the TMA Global CEO, Gregory J. Fine, CAE.

Greg Fine believes that joining the pioneering European body and becoming a Certified Turnaround Professional is one of the best promotional steps you can take. “It’s extremely valuable to be able to stand up and say, I am a Certified Turnaround Professional and this designation shows I have demonstrated skills, knowledge, and experience in this profession. If you are looking for a marketing tool, they are the best dollars I think you can spend,” said Mr. Fine.

Mr. Fine is a recognised association executive with more than 17 years of established success in helping membership associations grow and prosper. He joined TMA in December 2011 and is based at the association’s global headquarters in Chicago.

The EACTP has established the first accreditation programme for all turnaround professionals across the continent to provide an industry-standard ‘kitemark’ of quality in the practice of turnaround and restructuring. Its certification scheme is based on TMA Global’s Certification Programme, which is respected and recognised in North America, Japan, and Australia. It aims to give its members a professional edge in a competitive field by offering prospective clients an instantly recognisable assurance of turnaround experience.

Mr. Fine, who sits on the Executive Board of the EACTP, said, “What we find here in the U.S., although it is obviously impossible to quantify if someone has received  work because they are a CTP, is that in a competitive environment, where all is equal, a CTP can help you stand out. We have certainly heard lots of anecdotal stories of people going head to head for a job where the person who was a qualified turnaround practitioner had the edge.”

But Mr. Fine says the benefits of membership go far wider than the obvious perks of self-promotion, and that joining the EACTP is also a tangible demonstration of your commitment to the profession. “Becoming certified makes you stand out and stand up for your profession – and says very clearly that you are proud to be a turnaround professional.”

Mr. Fine also believes the EACTP has the potential to become a real unifying force within the European turnaround community. “A certification scheme is a powerful statement that says turnaround management is a real discipline. This can really help bind together a professional community,” he said. “We have certainly seen that is the case anywhere where there are very robust certification programme schemes, such as in the U.S. or Japan.”

And he says it should enhance the reputation of the profession as a legitimate means of preserving enterprise and economic value for the benefit of the wider economy. He added, “I actually think one of the biggest strengths of the EACTP is that it raises the visibility of this critical profession and of what our members do and can offer.”

Mr. Fine said education of TMA members via its certification schemes is a fundamental part of the organisation’s work. The association is currently investing heavily in work world-wide to raise the profile of its certification to help people understand its value – what it means to hold a CTP and why that is important.

He added it was ‘vital’ that Europe had its own programme especially given that more U.S. firms, many of whom are strong supporters of the CTP designation, start to focus their efforts internationally.

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