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EACTP’s Standards and Admissions Committee (SAC) appoints three new members

The SAC has responsibility for safeguarding the quality and integrity of the CTP qualification through the admissions process.

The Committee has been expanded to nine members each of whom will serve a three year term.  Reijo Järvinen, of Finland, having served his three year term, has retired from SAC.

EACTP thanks Reijo for his hard work on the Committee, and his help in shaping the organisation's admissions process and criteria.

Following an appeal for volunteers three new members have been appointed to SAC. The choice of members took into account both the current and aspirational membership of EACTP.  The new members, who will serve until June 2018, are:

  • Jeroen Overing of the Netherlands
  • Piotr Bieniasz of Poland
  • Eugen Lascu of Romania.

The new members join Ian Gray of the UK, who chairs the Committee, Mario Masciocchi of Italy, Fredrik Vernersson of Sweden, Volker Beissenhirtz of Germany, Tony Groom of the UK and Marc Daems of France.

Tony Groom has also taken on the new role of Deputy Chairman of the SAC.

Ian Gray thanked all those other members who had volunteered to assist on the Committee, saying there would be more opportunities to get involved this time next year, when three more members would retire.

Ian added: "SAC has a crucial role to play in maintaining the high standards of EACTP's membership, and as such it is very important that its membership should be as reflective as possible of our membership base, both in terms of skills and territories. I welcome our three new recruits and look forward to working with them. I am also pleased that the Committee now has two extra members to help deal with the recent surge in applications."

Each Committee member will serve for three years, retiring at the TMA Europe annual conference in June.

The EACTP, which has created the first pan-European accreditation programme for turnaround professionals to provide an industry standard of quality in turnaround and restructuring, now has 54 members from 13 European countries.

The entry level of Certified Turnaround Analyst will be by exam. The curriculum for the exam will be announced later this year. Progression to other levels will still require the presentation of case studies and interview.  

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