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IEB joins EACTP examination and Training programme

Instituto de Estudios Bursatiles Madrid (IEB) is joining with EACTP to deliver the Finance and Accounting module of the EACTP Education and training programme. This will include holding two one day seminars supported by a programme of self-study videos, in the English language. The seminars, one on basic financial statement interpretation and the more advanced seminar on valuations, distressed indicators and liquidation analysis are tailored to applicants varying level of financial understanding. Whilst not mandatory they are highly recommended for non –accounting restructuring professionals.

They will support the on line learning programme of recommended self-study material leading to the finance and accounting examination, one of the three three-hour papers leading to the ECTP Analyst level qualification. The second of the seminars will be held immediately prior to EACTP’s three day training course on Management and European and cross border legal principles being delivered by EACTP in conjunction with faculty leader, Leiden University.

The programme will be open to applicants in early 2016 with the courses held in June and November 2016 for first examinations in London, also in November. Thereafter, examinations and courses are timed to coincide with the annual TMA Europe conferences held in June of each year, commencing in June 2017 in London.  Further details will be posted on the EACTP website in early 2016. 

IEB is the leading deliverer of financial training in Spain and South America and has links to other institutions across Europe including London School of Economics. It specialises in high quality training programmes for companies, financial institutions, and supervisory and certification organisations. It has links with TMA Spain having delivered seminars for TMA Spain members on finance related to turnaround and distress. 

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