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Turnaround Management Association


The association is governed by four principal committees, with the following structure:

The EACTP Committee Structure

The Standards and Admissions Committee (SAC) is comprised of respected turnaround professionals from across Europe and is chaired by Andreas Koutsouris. Its main purpose is to safeguard the quality and integrity of the CTP qualification and the CTP brand. It is responsible for determining admissions, professional standards, disciplinary matters and practising certificates.

The Certification Oversight Committee (COC) is the supreme governing committee of the EACTP. It is responsible for setting the direction of the organisation and its overall strategy. COC also represents the views of the different countries on the development of the EACTP on governance. Members of the committee include the members of the Executive Board and the chairs of the TMA Europe chapters or their nominees.

The Education and Training Committee (ETC) is responsible for determining the form of the theoretical knowledge examinations, its syllabus and content, examination papers and method. It also determines the requirements for continuing professional development. This includes approving the training organisations recognised by the EACTP for the provision of theoretical knowledge sufficient to enable candidates to sit the theoretical knowledge examinations and for the ongoing provision of continuing professional development education. The committee is chaired by Alan Tilley.

The Executive Board (EB) is the main management committee responsible for developing and implementing the objectives of the organisation. The Board oversees the governance, the promotion of the EACTP, the recruitment of members and raising the profile of the organisation. The Board sets the financial framework of EACTP and is responsible for setting the fees and its finances. See our page on the Executive Board for more information about its members.

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Setting the standard

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