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For your information, please find a selection of relevant articles, papers, useful links and guidelines on turnaround management issues in Europe.

Please email eactp@turnaround.org if you have any articles or publications you would like to share via this page. All submissions will be subject to approval by the Standards and Admissions Committee.

Guide provided by World Bank Group:

Turnaround Research Papers by Eugen Lascu

Articles by Ian Gray of Baronsmead Consulting:

Article by Andrew Cawkwell, Restructuring Lawyer at Newtons:

Article by Alan Tilley, of Bryan, Mansell & Tilley LLP:

Materials from a workshop called The Power of Knowledge given by Rose Atkinson, Deputy Head, Knowledge & Information Management Cabinet Office

Article highlighted of interest by Giorgio Corno issued in May 2016:

  • INSOL International present the 7th case study titled “Wuxi Suntech Power Co., Ltd: The First PRC Reorganisation Involving Shareholders Subject to Foreign Insolvency Proceedings”

Book co-authored by Piotr Bieniasz

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