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Turnaround Management Association

Direct CTP route - How to Apply

For senior experienced turnaround practitioners not yet an EACTP member

The membership application process is split into the following stages:

Application documents

Stage 1 – Application submission

Please collate and send the following information to Helen Lindop eactp@turnaround.org. If you have any questions then please email eactp@turnaround.org.

Complete EACTP application form


  • The form requires details of two Sponsors who are supporting your application for membership.
  • Sponsors should be professionally qualified and know you in a broader professional context.
  • They should have an understanding of the turnaround environment and preferably of EACTP.
  • They should have some standing in their own profession and credibility in the eyes of EACTP.
  • They must know you well (usually over a number of years) but must also be in a position to be objective.

Education and Professional Qualifications

  • Attach a Certificate of academic success for each of the three EACTP certification programme modules: Leadership, Finance & Accounting and Legal Concepts.
  • Attach copies of your degree, or equivalent, educational qualifications and membership of professional bodies.
  • Provide your CTA membership number.

Prepare a CV

This should be:

  • Up to date
  • Chronologically complete with no unexplained gaps.

Prepare case studies in standardised format (CTPs only, see our template form and case study example for guidance)

  • A detailed case study in the standardised format of two to three pages for each case which you need to prepare and which will eventually be sent to your Referee for their agreement on its content and your role in the turnaround.
  • The most recent case study should be no more than three years old and the other two cases must have been completed within the last ten years.
  • Cases should have lasted at least six months, and should also be complete so there is a clear outcome.
  • Case studies should demonstrate that your contribution was significant and substantial.
  • Each case study should be counter-signed by a Referee and include the Referee’s contact details, so that Accreditors can follow up if they have further queries about the case.

Please note:

  1. If appropriate, case study Referees may also act as Sponsors providing they conform to the above criteria for Sponsors.
  2. Sponsors will be approached after your interview by the Accreditors.
  3. Referees may, but will not necessarily, be approached after the interview, if the Accreditors wish to follow up on any aspect of the relevant case study.
  4. The Sponsor or Referee cannot be an Accreditor.
  5. All information provided by you will be treated in the strictest confidence.

Applicant checklist

Before submitting your application, please use our applicant checklist to ensure you have included the following documents:

Documentation required

CTA applicants

CTP applicants

Completed and signed membership form

CTA membership number

Certified copy of your passport and recent utility bill

Certificate of academic success and exemption documents

Diplomas/ degrees/ professional qualifications

Membership certificates


CV should include employment and status covering period of the case studies

Sponsors name and contact details


Case studies counter-signed by Referee


Three case studies required
(only two case studies required if upgrading from Associate to Member)

Stage 2: Internal checks for compliance by the Executive

The EACTP’s Executive will check paperwork is completed, a CTA membership number and, certificates of academic success or exemption details covering the three modules have been provided, where appropriate that case studies are relevant, Sponsor criteria is met, Sponsor and Referee details have been provided and payment has been made.

Stage 3: Pre-interview checks and Accreditor selection by Lead Accreditor (CTP only)

The lead Accreditor will check case studies to review the level and nature of your involvement before the interview is arranged and may request that they be resubmitted. The Lead Accreditor will also consider whether specific knowledge is required before selection of the Support Accreditor such as the jurisdiction of the case studies.

Stage 4: Interview by Accreditors (CTP only)

  • The EACTP Executive will arrange for you to meet two EACTP Accreditors to discuss your application either in person or by telephone.
  • At least one Accreditor will be a member of the SAC or the EACTP board, the other will be an EACTP member.
  • You will need to set aside about 90 minutes.

Your responsibilities

  • To talk about your career as a whole, your turnaround activities and, in particular, discuss your case studies to demonstrate your suitability for membership of EACTP
  • To demonstrate your personal integrity now and in the past and your willingness to abide by the Code of Ethics
  • To explain your interest and commitment to turnaround and state why you wish to become a member of EACTP.

The Accreditors’ responsibilities - for full details see our Guidelines for Accreditors

  • Discuss the case studies submitted to satisfy themselves that you have significant knowledge and experience of turnaround and that you made a substantial contribution to achieving the outcomes in each of the turnaround assignments.
  • Assess the range of skills and qualities appropriate to a turnaround environment.
  • ​Assess your specific experience, including: the ability to take command and manage any immediate crisis while assessing the situation; the ability to develop a viable and workable plan that can be implemented swiftly; experience in negotiating key changes to the financial and/or operational structure of the business with a range of stakeholders; and the skill to take a lead in any given situation and to drive or promote the changes required.

Stage 5 - Completing the process by Accreditors and the Executive (CTP only)

  • Accreditors will speak to your Sponsors
  • Other checks such as contacting case study Referees may be made
  • Following recommendation by Accreditors, your application will be submitted to the Standards and Admissions Committee for approval.

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