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Standards and Admissions Committee

The Standards and Admissions Committee has responsibility for safeguarding the quality and integrity of the CTP qualification, and the high standards of EACTP's membership through the admissions process.  The SAC guidance notes can be found here.

The Committee, which is chaired by Andreas Koutsouris, comprises the following  members. For more details about each member please see their page in our Directory of Members.

Jeroen Overing

Jeroen Overing

Jeroen Overing is an internationally experienced entrepreneur/turnaround manager with more than 25 years of experience, very diplomatic with a well-developed sense for human interaction and has a profound experience in restarting and restructuring businesses in decline. As such the court of justice appoints him on a regular basis.

Andreas Koutsouris, Chair

Andreas Koutsouris, Chair

Andreas Koutsouris is an established board level executive, advisor and investor. He has more than fifteen years’ experience in developing and implementing strategic, operational and organisational improvement initiatives and realising revenue, cost and working capital improvements.

Boudewijn Wellink

Boudewijn Wellink

Boudewijn Wellink is a seasoned turnaround professional with extensive experience of business recovery across a range of industries. He is founding partner of Catapult, an advisory firm delivering restructuring, performance improvement and corporate finance services to companies facing tough and unfamiliar challenges.

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