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Set yourself apart from colleagues by becoming a Certified Turnaround Professional, and prove you have the knowledge, experience and integrity for the next turnaround job. Becoming a member of the EACTP will give you a professional edge in a competitive field, and provide prospective clients with an instantly recognisable assurance of your turnaround credentials.

What is the EACTP?

The EACTP is an independent association which has established the first European-wide accreditation programme for all turnaround professionals across the continent.

Our pioneering programme aims to promote high standards in turnaround management by delivering a respected pan-European certification scheme.

Why join the EACTP?

Apply today to benefit from the only turnaround certification programme that is:

  • Pan-European – led by senior turnaround professionals from across the continent
  • Open to all – for professionals involved in turnaround management at every stage of their career
  • Based on a global CTP brand – TMA Global’s long-established and recognised CTP accreditation

Latest EACTP Members

We welcome the following new members:

Latest EACTP updates

25 Jan

Reform of the Italian insolvency and pre-insolvency procedures approved by Italian Government

The long-awaited reform of the Italian insolvency and pre-insolvency procedures, together with...

10 Dec

Brexit: 10 Questions about the future of the UK

The 29 March 2019 is approaching and uncertainty persists. As with many...

19 Sep

Registration open for the TMA Distressed Investing Event, 29 Oct 2018

The 2018 Distressed Investing Event is on Monday 29 October in London. There will...

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