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Turnaround Management Association


"I believe restructuring and turnaround practitioners have an important role to play in the preservation of businesses for the benefit of the enterprise, and the community and sector in which it operates ‑ not just for a set of stakeholders.

"I believe the EACTP certification is an extremely important qualification as a tool that gives qualified practitioners leverage at the negotiating table as well as additional reassurance to stakeholders that certified practitioners involved have the experience, knowledge and communication skills to take the project forward until the objectives have been achieved, whatever the outcome might be." 

Maria Pombo

“I am very pleased to join the EACTP as a Fellow member and am looking forward to reaping the benefits of joining this pan-European platform for turnaround professionals. I think EACTP will make a real difference in helping to ensure that turnaround management is recognised as a specialised profession with specific skills across Europe, and I am excited to be part of that process.”

Andreas Koutsouris

“I am very pleased to join EACTP as a fellow member as this is an unique opportunity to create a network amongst pan-European turnaround professionals. Although Europe has and always will have political borders, the business environment has become borderless and EACTP responds to the need to go beyond national borders and to offer access to pan-European turnaround specialists, recognised for their European and multi-cultural experiences. I expect to gain networking opportunities and to exchange turnaround experiences in order to maintain and to broaden my personal turnaround expertise.”

Marc Daems

“I am excited about joining EACTP as I believe there is a need to raise the awareness of turnaround management as a profession and a skill in its own right. EACTP will provide a hallmark for European turnaround professionals and provide those looking for such individuals with a short list of seasoned and battle-proven practitioners.”

Fredrik Vernersson

“I’m delighted to become a Certified Turnaround Professional and Fellow of EACTP with a practicing certificate. For myself it’s been long journey to gather up the portfolio, connections and knowledge to earn this kitemark in the industry and be recognised by my peers.

Those who know me better will appreciate that I’m delighted the CTP designation has reached Europe. It’s a source of pride and personal accomplishment.”

David Hole

“As has long been the case in the USA, it was high time that European truly experienced restructuring and turnaround experts put in place a formal and rigorous accreditation process, to be clearly distinguished from mere, fair-weather "generalist consultants" who sometimes rebrand themselves as "restructuring experts" whenever the cyclicality makes this segment more attractive for a while.

The EACTP has understood this market need and addresses it in a fully relevant and considerate manner. I am convinced that the market will quickly understand the value proposition that underpins this move and I am glad and honoured to be able to contribute to this further step towards a professionalised restructuring and turnaround market offering throughout Europe.”

Alain Le Berre

“After completing my first turnaround assignment I realised I needed to structure my skills and experience within a quality and recognised certification programme. When I heard about the EACTP, the new pan-European professional accreditation scheme, I successfully applied for membership. By joining EACTP I expect to develop my turnaround career and gain networking opportunities, so that I have enough competence to take part in challenging and complex turnaround projects.”

Piotr Bieniasz

“I have fallen in love with turnaround restructuring over the last seven years after a long managerial career mainly in international groups. In the last period I have built up a specialised consulting firm.
The reason why I’m pleased to join the EACPT program is twofold. Firstly I’m convinced that international turnarounds will become more and more popular so to participate in a European wide network of seasoned turnaround specialists will represent a perfect answer. I’m also very keen to contribute to professional development on an international basis of the younger turnaround generation, promoting interactions and generating knowledge between operators in different countries.”

Mario Masciocchi

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The Certified Turnaround Analyst Online Learning Programme is the only European-wide accreditation programme for turnaround professionals and is the first step to becoming a fully accredited Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP)

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