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Turnaround Management Association

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Directory of Members

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Alain Le Berre

Alain Le Berre (Professional - CTP)

Founder & CEO, Alebimta

Alebimta / Alpaha Corporate Finance




+41 225 66 89 67


+41 799 608 599



Chemin des Coteaux 18
CH-1273 Arzier

Alain Le Berre has >30 years of Turnaround and Restructuring experience, and now acts mostly as a Turnaround Manager (Interim CEO, CFO, CRO, CTO) in a variety of mostly international Special Situations in either English-, French- or German-speaking environments.

In his earlier career he held senior MD-level / Partner-level positions in Investment banks (London), Big 4s (France), also in Private Equity and Strategic Consulting (Germany), as well as operational management roles, and non-executive directorships in Germany, France, Switzerland and other countries.

He is a co-founder and former Board Member of the TMA Swiss Chapter, and currently serves on the Board of EACTP and as a TMA Europe Committee Member.

Member of EACTP since 13 December 2013

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