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Turnaround Management Association

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Jan Janssen

Jan Janssen (Member)


Beaufort Corporate Consulting B.V.




0031 (0)30 767 26 11


0031 (0)6 55 13 70 53



Nevelgaarde 40
3436 ZZ Nieuwegein
The Netherlands

After finishing his studies Business Administration and Law at the University of Groningen, Jan began his career in 1998 at the ABN AMRO Bank, where he held various managerial and non-managerial positions. From 2007 to 2013, he was an Associate Partner at the consultancy firm Boer & Croon, where he was responsible for Turnaround & Recovery consultancy. In 2013 he founded Beaufort Consulting.

The common theme in Jan’s career has been advising and assisting companies and institutions facing complex financial and strategic challenges. Jan is a very experienced, all-round, restructuring specialist, skilled in the financial, organisational and strategic aspects of these issues.

Jan is a very committed consultant who combines analytic skills with a high degree of result-orientation and pragmatism. He can quickly switch from in-depth analysis to the big picture, an invaluable skill in complex consultancy projects.

Member of EACTP since 30 November 2017

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