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Mathijn Deijkers

Mathijn Deijkers (Member)

Managing Partner

Aurelius BVBA




+ 32 (0)478 01 64 08


+ 32 (0)478 01 64 08

Berkenstraat 10, 2330 Merksplas, Belgium

Mathijn’s drive as interim manager and consultant is to provide specialist and customized services in the areas of business control, restructuring and recovery.

He supports entrepreneurs and managers during turnaround processes and in taking and implementing complex and often difficult management decisions. This occurs mostly in situations where there is an (imminent) discontinuity risk for the enterprise.

He focuses specifically on underperforming companies with hidden opportunities that can or should be cashed. On one hand by the input of commercial ingenuity, on the other hand through restructuring of processes and organization, increasing efficiency and effectiveness, cost reduction, capital injection, etc..

His goal is always set on putting companies on the right track, with a  a distinctive driven and success-oriented approach based upon a jointly developed vision and strategy.

His focus is aimed at the medium-sized and large businesses.

For a proper implementation of tasks he can rely on a broad but specialised field of advisers in any discipline. Furthermore, his network provides sufficient access to capital in order to support his clients, if desired, in making investments.

Prior to his business (since 1999) he enjoyed his 'training' under more within the Philips Group at the time of operation Centurion. Initially as independent contractor and later as founder/shareholder of various consulting companies his area migrated from business improvement to that of business restructuring and recovery. By doing so, he didn't avoid taking administrative responsibility in ' 5 for 12 ' situations, if desired or necessary.

Member of EACTP since 22 November 2016

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