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Mr Kees van Delft

Mr Kees van Delft (Member)

Drs. Ing.

Flamma Business Development BV



Telephone number






NCB-laan 45
5462 GB, Veghel
The Netherlands


Realising growth through thorough analyses, smart solutions and tangible steps. That’s what drives Kees van Delft. Kees has a degree in Business Administration and over 20 years of experience as a (sales) manager and turnaround advisor in the trade, industrial and financial services sectors. His main strength is to help companies grow successfully, while keeping the market, people and organisation in mind.

Turnaround and Interim-manager:

Through Flamma, Kees advises CEOs and managers of multinationals, family businesses and small and medium enterprises (20-500 employees) on (re-)organisation processes, with a focus on sales, finance and organization. Additionally, Kees often acts as a hands-on interim manager, ensuring that results are accomplished.

Analytic and Result oriented:

With his open and constructive personality, Kees manages to lead and motivate people through difficult and complex change processes.

Giving insight, re-establishing focus, identifying new opportunities and above all, concretizing and putting into practice the targeted improvements. That’s Kees in a nutshell.



Member of EACTP since 19 October 2016

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