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Ove Hjortholm

Ove Hjortholm (Member)


Hjortholm International Ltd




0045 97326622


0045 40172033

​Hjortholm International Ltd​
6950 Ringkøbing

Ove Hjortholm has a technical and commercial financial background with more than 24 years of years experience of turnaround and restructuring assignments throughout Scandinavia, EU and east Europe. Since 1995 he has carried out this work through his company Hjortholm International Ltd. He specialises in the industrial sector and has held a range of management jobs. In some cases has become the CEO following the turnaround, including in one company where he was CEO for 18 years in a subsidiary of a stock listed company. Ove has an ability to empathize with the owners of a company, and his decisions and results are always driven by preparation, facts and data with a focus on execution. He also has excellent negotiation skills whether dealing with employees, stakeholders or authorities. He is keen to further develop and improve the working methods he uses and his results via continued education. He speaks Scandinavian, German and English.

Member of EACTP since 20 May 2015

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