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Robert Smits


Robert Smits (Member)





Telephone Number

+31 10 2121922


+31 6 53703538



Steupelstraat 50
3065 JE Rotterdam
The Netherlands


After studying Business Administration and Accountancy Robert started his career as a public auditor at PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Next to that he was an international athlete in marathon running and cross country, participating in several European and World Championships. In 2003 he started at Kruger, a leading ‘hands on’ firm of professionals specialized in supporting mid-market companies with strategic focus and improving financial performance, and through Business Consultancy, Corporate Finance and Interim Management. Since 2009 he is a partner at the firm.

As management consultant and chartered accountant Robert has a broad experience in consulting companies in difficult situations with assignments ranging from small family businesses to the board rooms of publicly listed companies. Specialised in quickly analysing financial and operational data in order to find opportunities and solve problems in difficult situations. Uses transparent stakeholder management in getting things done.


Member of EACTP since 12 October 2016

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