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The EACTP is a non-profit making company which is financially independent so as to conduct its business in the interests of its members.

EACTP Membership Fees

Membership Analyst Associate Member Fellow Companion
Initial application £250/€300 £450/€540 £500/€600    
Annual membership £200/€250 £400/€480 £450/€540 £500//€600 £500//€600

Practising Certificate Fees

Practising Certificates  
Initial issue £75/€90
Annual renewal £50/€60

Practising Certificates are only available for Members, Fellows and Companions.

Examination Fees (from 2016)

Examination First attempt (£) Re-sit (£)
Module 1: Insolvency and relevant corporate and employment law £300/€350 £200/€250
Module 2: Finance £300/€350 £200/€250
Module 3: Management and leadership £300/€350 £200/€250

Fees run on a calendar year basis. Annual membership in the first year is billed on a pro-rata monthly basis from the date the application is accepted to 31 December of that year, and thereafter annually on 1 January.

All fees are VAT exempt.

Fees can be paid in any European currency, either by cheque, bank transfer or credit card.

Please note if your application is not successful there is a non-refundable fee of £75. Invoices will be issued when applications are complete.

Discounts and incentives

Corporate membership discount

Applicants can get 10 per cent off their fees if their company nominates five or more individuals, and 20 per cent off if ten or more applicants from the same firm are nominated. The discount applies to both the initial application and annual membership fees on joining, and to the membership renewal fees in subsequent years.

TMA Europe membership credit

Members of any European TMA chapter are eligible for a reduction in the EACTP annual membership fee of up to £200/€250, depending on the TMA subscription rate in each jurisdiction. To receive this reduction, which applies to both Associates and Members, please include your TMA chapter membership details on your application form.

TMA NextGen incentive

Any TMA NextGen member who applies to become an EACTP Associate can claim a 50 per cent reduction in the initial application fee.

Analyst membership volume

Volume discounts apply for multiple analyst membership applications made from a common employer. Further information on this is available on request from 2016.

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