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Certified Turnaround Analyst: An Essential Accreditation For Your Staff

For any business, it’s important to ensure that your staff are equipped with all the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their job and serve your clients successfully.

Industry-based accreditation is a rising method of knowledge building for employees and can be used to extend credibility into areas not usually covered in Higher Education. In the turnaround sector, specialist knowledge is required that isn’t taught in degree programmes and is usually learnt slowly over time on the job.

The European Association of Certified Turnaround Professionals (EACTP) provides employees with an opportunity to build turnaround knowledge quickly and comprehensively.

A ‘kitemark’ of quality in the practice of turnaround and restructuring

The EACTP’s Certified Turnaround Analyst (CTA) accreditation is recognised as the gold standard for turnaround professionals. It is a vital step in individuals’ turnaround career progression and a contributing factor to organisational competence.

By undertaking the CTA accreditation, junior and senior employees improve their skills, build knowledge and gain insights into cross-jurisdictional turnaround expertise from a range of experts, lawyers, professionals and academics across Europe.

This professional accreditation is a chance for employees to learn and build on their knowledge and skillset and distinguish themselves from unaccredited peers in their field.

With CTA accreditation, they will also be invited to join the EACTP as a member and keep their knowledge current with regulation and industry updates, access to educational events to help towards CPD hours, professional networking opportunities and the option to progress to Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP) status.

The CTA programme is ideal for:

  • Junior turnaround and restructuring professionals looking to build knowledge and competence quickly
  • Senior professionals seeking to up-skill and demonstrate technical mastery of turnaround and restructuring principles
  • Legal and accounting professionals pursuing a better understanding of turnaround and restructuring principles
  • Other business professionals who want to broaden their knowledge

Delivered in partnership with Leiden University in The Netherlands, a pan-European leader in the turnaround field, the CTA course is 100% online, flexible and self-paced, so individuals can study around their work commitments and take all the time they need to get ready for exams.

What will your employees learn?

The CTA programme consists of three modules, each focusing on a different pillar of competency. Each module – called a Body of Knowledge (BOK) – has been developed by experienced Turnaround Management Association (TMA Global) and EACTP professionals, UK and European restructuring lawyers and Leiden University academic staff.

Module 1: Accounting & Finance

  • Bankruptcy reports
  • Financial reporting by entities in reorganisation
  • Cash flow forecasting and planning
  • Realisable liquidation analysis
  • Bank covenants
  • Financial statements and cash flow analysis
  • Tax awareness
  • Product line/customer profitability taking into account allocation of overhead costs

Module 2: Legal Principles

  • Pre-insolvency processes
  • Insolvency triggers
  • Automatic stays
  • Employment issues
  • Proprietary and essential contracts
  • Directors’ liabilities
  • Covering multiple jurisdictions including: EU laws and regulations, England & Wales, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, and knowledge of US Chapters 11 and 15.

Module 3: Management

  • Cause of business failure
  • Early warning signs of decline and failure
  • Basics requirements for a successful turnaround
  • Characteristics of effective turnaround managers
  • Development of the turnaround plan
  • Design and selection of turnaround strategies
  • Emergency action
  • Stabilisation
  • Ethics
  • Restructuring options

A remarkable impact on your organisation

Offering professional accreditation to your employees is an excellent investment benefiting staff, clients and your business’s success as a whole. Here are just a few of the impacts accreditation can have on your businesses:

Lower turnover & retention increase

Organisations that don’t offer their employees opportunities to grow and achieve their career goals are more likely to find themselves with a disengaged and disloyal workforce. But those that help their employees fulfil their desire for achievement will help develop motivated individuals who are open to being challenged in study and the workplace.

Skilled workforce

Offering professional accreditation gives your business a measure of highly skilled and motivated people allowing you to create a talent pipeline. This means your company has greater internal mobility and can confidently fill roles thanks to existing employees already possessing the skills you need. For employees, this all translates to better career opportunities, self-assurance, increased earning potential and validation of abilities.

Increased productivity

Not only does accreditation increase the skills and knowledge of the individuals that undertake it, but it also leads to learning by osmosis. By working with accredited colleagues, everyone adopts better behaviours, attitudes and skills. All staff benefit from new and specialist knowledge in the workplace.

Boosted credibility and client trust

Client trust is crucial to an organisation’s success. Having accredited employees goes a long way towards boosting and maintaining your company’s reputation. Offering accreditation opportunities is an exercise in offering added value to your target audience. Professional accreditation allows employees to develop skills and knowledge that leads them to perform their job better and add value to your clients.

Accreditation is a win-win

While encouraging employees to seek accreditation isn’t always the easiest task considering varying workloads and remote work arrangements, continuing education is important to stay competitive, close skills gaps and retain talent.

Apply online

Applying for the CTA course is simple with an online application form. For more information about the course, watch our video and visit cta.eactp.eu for more information or to contact the EACTP with questions. 

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